委員会 Committee


In order to carry out activities effectively, the Japanese Society of Cinematographers has set up various committees tailored to each purpose, and based on the decisions of the board of directors, considers activity plans and implementation methods, and is active. We are doing various activities.

●事業運営委員会  Business Steering Committee

In addition to planning, producing and selling various publications, we also carry out planning and implementation activities such as seminars and symposiums.

●技術委員会  Technical committee

We hold technical research on shooting and recording technology for each film and videotape, research on related hardware equipment, and study groups and seminars related to video production.


●著作権委員会(兼・著作者団体協議会) Copyright Committee (and Authors' Association)

Unlike other works (literature, music, etc.), movies are not copyrighted by the author. (Article 29 of the Copyright Law) Therefore, even if the movie is broadcast on TV or sold as a videocassette, no additional compensation is paid to the cinematographer who is the author. The committee is campaigning for revisions to the Copyright Law for authors to acquire copyright. In addition, we are conducting surveys and enlightenment campaigns to protect the moral rights of authors (identity retention right, name display right, publication right).


●編集委員会  Editorial Committee

We are planning and editing the magazine "Movie Shooting". Published four times a year since 1962 as Japan's only specialized photography magazine, including reports from the field regarding film and video. It is distributed free of charge to members.

●三浦賞委員会  Miura  Award Committee

The Miura Award is a movie for theaters that commemorates the excellent achievements of the late Mitsuo Miura, who was a famous cinematographer, and inherits his passion for training newcomers and shows excellent shooting techniques every year. This award was set up to honor new cinematographers, and the committee judges candidate works, selects award-winning works, and honors them.


●JSC賞委員会  JSC Award Committee

Winners are selected based on their social contribution and achievements, with cinematographers who have achieved rich sensibilities and technical achievements in cultures other than theatrical films, short films, recordings, television, documentaries, PR, large-scale images, etc. , We are honoring.


●名作上映委員会  Masterpiece Screening Committee

The "Masterpiece Screening Technology Study Group" held every other month is a committee, and we hold study groups that further contribute to the technical improvement of the members of the association.


●国際交流委員会  International Exchange Committee

In October 1990, a Japan-Korea filmmaker exchange tour sponsored by J.S.C. was held. At J.S.C., we would like to listen to opinions and coexist together, keeping in mind the bonds with foreign filmmakers.

●その他の活動 Other activities



[Recommendation of trainees]

It has been designated as a recommended organization for "artist overseas trainees" (overseas) and "art internship trainees" (domestic) dispatched by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and recommends applicants.



[Joining the Japan Academy Prize Association]

Applicants can preferentially join by recommendation of the association.



[Issuance of movie theater discount admission ticket]

With the "Membership Card of the Three Video Group Liaison Committee" issued by the association, you can enter movie theaters affiliated with Zenkoren for a flat rate of 1,300 yen.



[Free distribution of "movie notebook"]

The "Movie Notebook" issued in December every year contains a list of directors / main staff, production productions, and affiliated ministries and agencies such as films and photofinishing laboratories.



[Legal advice]

Mr. Junro Nagamori, an advisory lawyer of the association, can discuss problems such as contracts and unpaid charges.



[Cooperation with other Coorganizations]

The association works in cooperation with the following organizations to solve problems such as occupational functions, rights, and industrial accidents.

1.日本映像職能連合(映職連):日本映画監督協会、日本映画撮影監督協会、日本映画・テレビ 照明協会、

 日本映画・テレビ録音協会、日本映画・テレビ美術 監督協会、日本映画・テレビ編集協会、



3.芸能関連労災問題連絡会(労災連):映職連、日本俳優連合(日俳連)、映画演劇関連産業労 組共闘会議(映演共闘)、

 日本音楽家ユニオン、映画演劇 労働組合連合会(映演労連)、俳優関連団体連絡協議会、日本園芸課連合(7団体加盟)


1. Professional Motion Picture Workers Association Japan: Directors Guild of Japan, Japanese society of cinematographers, Japanese Society of Lighting Directors, Japan Cinema and Television Sound Creator Association, Association of Production Designers in Japan, Japan Society of EditorsJapan sicuety of Script Supervisors, Japan Writers Guild (8 groups)

2. Council of Authors’ Associations of Japan: (21 organizations coming together to form one group.)

3. Entertainment-related labor accident liaison meeting (labor accident federation): Professional Motion Picture Workers Association Japan, Japan Actors Union, movie theater-related industrial labor union joint struggle conference (dramatic joint struggle), Musicians Union of Japan, Federation of Cinema and Theatrical Workers Union of Japan, Actor-related Group Liaison Council, Japan Horticultural Division Union (7 groups)

4, Video Three Group Liaison Committee (Video Three Group): Professional Motion Picture Workers Association Japan, Japan Actors Union, Eien Kyoutou (3 groups affiliated)

5. Video-related group liaison meeting (17 groups including Motion Picture and Television Engineering of Japan,  Inc.)



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