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 第47回日本アカデミー賞会長功労賞 上田正治氏
 令和5年度文化庁長官表彰者  高間賢治氏
 令和5年秋の勲章【紫綬褒章】受賞 笠松則通

Cinematography _


Movie shooting No.229 (released in October 2021)

■ Words of this issue "Generation change and cross-border"

■ Cameraman with a real face "Takuro Ishizaka cameraman who took a samurai action"


■ Inside "My time's changing learning house and graduation" "The magic of film"


■ Shooting report  "Kasouken no Onna" "Burning Sword" "Yuko's Balance" "Last of the Wolves LEVEL2" "After You Died" "Honey Lemon Soda" "Fish Eyes"

■ Now shooting Mitsuru Komiyama / Masahiro Aida / Todai Kato / Kousuke Yamada /

Motonobu Kine / Motonobu Kiyoku / Yoshihisa Toda / Shin Hayasaka


■ Mourning / Yonezo Maeda  


■ The present and future of the female photography department "Half-farming and half-X days" "Any choice can be realized" "Thinking now" "Facing a sense of discomfort with customs"


■ Screen exploration "Mini Theater 2 Shimotakaido Cinema"


■ MECHANICS "Evolution of shooting drones" "Stabilizer technology training"

The Japanese Society of Cinematographers is a cooperative consisting of people engaged in the shooting of video works, including theater films .  As a professional association, it aims to improve photography skills and social and economic status.  JSC is written after the member name on the credit of the video work.

Member organizations / IMAGO, Japan Video Professional Union, Author Group Council, Video-related group liaison meeting

The Japanese Society of Cinematographers will comply with laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information, and will handle the personal information you provide with the utmost care.

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