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The 64th Miura Award

"Midnight Swan" Maki Ito

Three candidate works for 2020 were nominated: "Soire" Naoya Ikeda, "Midnight Swan" Maki Ito, "Asadas" Hironori Yamazaki, and a wide variety of works. As a result of the selection, the spirit of technical challenge is heard. Creating a picture rich in shadows and colors, and a brilliant composition. Maki Ito, who shot "Midnight Swan", was selected as the winner of the 64th Miura Award for his stable shooting that does not impair the sense of dynamism.

[64th Miura Award Ceremony / Tuesday, January 5, 2021 14: 00 ~ Chofu City Cultural Hall Tazukuri 8F Video Theater]

"Midnight Swan"

124 minutes / Vista / September 25, 2020 Theatrical release distribution / Kino Films production / Atmovie appearance / Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Kisaki Hattori, etc.

Director / Eiji Uchida Lighting / Shingo Inoue Editing / Yuichi Iwakiri

Post Production / L'espace Vision


Maki Ito

Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Film, Shooting Course. Enrolled in the shooting club of Tohokushinsha, and later became a freelancer. Studied under Hideo Yamamoto and Shinya Kimura.

In 2015, he made his cinematographer debut with director Sion Sono of "Real Oni Gokko".

"Anti-Porno", "The Bastard and the Beautiful World" Director Sion Sono

"Jinro Game" series, "Zenigata", "Shiba Park" directed by Shinya Ayabe

"Marriage" directed by Shinichi Nishitani

"Title, Rejection" Director Kana Yamada

"Love and Other Cults" / "Between God and People" Director Eiji Uchida

Has a shooting history.

Japanese Society of Cinematographers Miura Award Committee December 2020 Yoshiday

Awards for new cinematographers who have demonstrated excellent cinematographer skills in theatrical films

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