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Article 8 of the Articles of Incorporation states that "things that are qualified to be members of this union are small businesses whose main business is filming of movies and film production of films, video tapes, and other materials in the area of the union." There is. If you are engaged in shooting and recording work, you can join as a shooting assistant.
In addition, the union members who are approved to join are distinguished from regular union members (regular members) and youth club members (youth club) according to the following criteria.

1 Regular member (regular member)

1-1 Cinematographer A person whose main business is cinematographer for more than 3 years since the first work.

1-2 With more than 3 years of experience as the representative manager of filmed video recording in video production using film, videotape and other materials.

2 Youth Club members (Youth Club)

2-1 Persons who do not meet the above criteria for regular members (regular members).

2-2 A person who works as a photography assistant.

3 Among the members of the youth club, those who have reached the standard of regular union members shall be included in the regular union members on the last day of the relevant business year.


Application for application
If you would like to join, please request the membership application form from the association secretariat. Please fill in the required items on the application form and bring or mail it with the recommendation form of the two members of the association. Admission is approved after an admission examination by the board of directors held on the 10th of every month .

Procedures after subscription approval
When you receive the notification of subscription approval

1 Subscription fee: 10,000 yen

2 Investment: (1 unit) 10,000 yen or more (repayment at the time of withdrawal)

3 levy

3-1 Regular member: 3500 yen (for the month of subscription)

3-2 Youth Club members: 1500 yen (for the month of subscription)

After that, it will be delivered every month.

4 Please prepare 5 face photos (3x2.5cm) to create a membership card and other certificates.

After completing the above procedures, you will be given a membership card, badge, movie notebook, articles of incorporation, rules and conditions, etc., and your membership will become effective.​

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