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65th Miura Award

"Yuko's Balance" Kenji Noguchi

Candidate works for 2021 are Yoichi Kamagari from "We Made a Beautiful Bouquet" (Nobuhiro Doi), Kenji Noguchi from "A Balance of Yuko", and Kohei Kato from "Last of the Wolves LEVEL2" (Kazuya Shiraishi). Mr. 3 works have been nominated. What is common to the jury works is that the candidates are almost the same generation as 41 and 42 years old, and it can be said that it is a representative work at the present time. It is also a selection meeting for Japanese filmmakers to enter a new generation. Of the three outstanding works, Mr. Noguchi's photography technique, which responded appropriately to the production and the play, contributed greatly to the work and was highly evaluated by the judges.

65th Miura Award Ceremony / Wednesday, January 5, 2022  Inside Toho Photo Studio

"A Balance of Yuko"

152 minutes / CinemaScope / September 17, 2021 Theatrical release distribution / Bitters End production / Movie "A Balance of Yuko" Production Committee

Cast / Kumi Takiuchi, Yuumi Kawai, Ken Mitsuishi, etc.

Director / Yujiro Harumoto Lighting / Shinichi Nemoto Editing / Yujiro Harumoto


Kenji Noguchi

After graduating from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Film, he has been involved in various works as a freelance filming assistant.

Cinematographer in a wide range of fields such as movies, TV dramas, and music videos.

Work history 2014 ~


"That girl, I wish I could become Baba soon" Director Yujiro Koroyasu "ABC's of Death 2" (O is Ochlocracy / Director Hajime Ohata) "Chicken's Dynamite" Director Toshimitsu Iizuka "Family Pretend" (Suzuki Pretend / Director Kinoshita Half Futoshi) (Sato family commute / Director Eiji Uchida) Director Eiji Uchida "Poetry Angel" Director Toshimitsu Iizuka "Double Mints" Director Eiji Uchida "Kazokuhe" Director Yujiro Harumoto and others

TV drama

"Aozakura Defense College Story" Director Katsutoshi Hirabayashi Screenplay Erika Yoshida

"Ogawa Drama Ryoma Comes" Director / Screenplay Toru Hosokawa and others


Let's meet at Hinatazaka "Can I like you so much? 1-cut MV"

Nogizaka46 "Sometimes remember" MV and others

Japanese Society of Cinematographers Miura Award Committee December 2021 Yoshiday

Awards for new cinematographers who have demonstrated excellent cinematographer skills in theatrical films

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